Gasoline Efficiency - Gasoline - Tips how to save Gasoline - How to get more miles per gallon.

Getting more Miles per gallon is more easy then you think.


Effective ways to get more Gasoline Efficiency.

A lot of people spend a lot of money trying to make the cars or trucks more gasoline efficiency, but at the end was more like a waste of money, the whole reason after this is save money.

If you are thinking to buy special spark plugs, special air filters, all kind of special things to accomplish this, please stop... you at the end are going to spend more money and will not save money, you will waste your money, after spending thousands of dollars trying it in many cars and trucks, to save money I am going to give you what you need to do, but if you do not believe it, is your mistake... Try it and then tell me how good this is...









Simple and effective ways to save gasoline or get more miles per gallon.

Please do everyone and each of the next things, and when you do all of them you need to fill up your gas tank for the next 3 weeks, and each time you fill up the tank you need to keep track of this. (To find out your current gas milliage MPG before the tips)

a- The current number of mileage on your speedometer, the current mileage in you car at the point of putting gasoline, and make sure you fill it up to the point that no more gasoline goes in.

b- Write the number of gallons that you put in, to make sure that the next time you do about the same.

c- Next time you fill up, you need to go back to the previous receipt and check the information, deduct the current mileage of the car now and deduct the mileage of the car when you put gasoline the previous time, then you will have the number of miles you drove between fill up, divide it in the number of gallons, example depending of the type of car, if you have a 4 cylinder engine car this may look like between 15 miles to 28 miles per gallon depending of the size of the engine or the type of driving, the more you drive in the city the less miles per gallon you get.. after 3 weeks of doing this, save all the averages of miles per gallon you got from each time you fill us the tank, please do this for 3 weeks and drive the normal way you always drive, then you will know the exactly miles per gallon that you are getting.

After that, but only after you do this for 3 weeks, I want you to do the following and please do all the steps and we will see how much your miles per gallon improve, and this way you will be saving money..

Note: Carry with you a small note book or piece of somehting where to write and tract this information.


Do all the next steps only if you allready know your currect MPG: (First you need to find out how much miles per gallon you are getting now, before doint the next 10 steps. This way you will see how great this tips are, if you do not believe, please prove me wrong... but you must do it both ways...

1- Check that you air tire pressure is at the recommended by the tire company, read in the tire and do it.

2- Change you Air Filter to the cheapest or more economical that you can find, not the more expensive.. remember we are trying to save money, we just want a clean air filter.

3- Make sure that you tachometer is not showing any yellow warning ligths, and if it is, please fix them. (Any warning on the dash).

4- Change you spark plugs to the less expensive ones, remember we are trying to save, and we want to have good working spark plugs, they should not cost that much.

5- Check the inside of you car and remove everything that you do not need, we are talking about things that you are carrying and is extra weigh, even if they are only 5 to 10 extra pounds, example, if you carrie extra stuff in the trunk or back seat, some people are carrying up 120 pounds extra, if you did not go to the store in the last hour, your trunk should only have the spare tire, not extra bags or things, extra unnecessary things in the car means more power need it and less miles per gallon.

6- Check the exterior of the car, if you have roof rack or ski racks, removed them please is extra weigh.

7- Check the exterior of the car for accessories that you may have put to make it nice, but is costing you a lot of money in a way of wind resistance. Like ski rack is a very expensive thing to have, use it only when need it, if not remove it, the same thing with front mask or any accessories that creates wind resistance, the harder for the car to move a fast speeds, it needs more horse power, so the engine will use more gasoline.

8- Stop using the brakes in a manner that you wait until you are close and press hard on the brakes, please do not do this, this is a bad habit and risky too, try to approach the point of stop slowly and this is going to create a habit of not taking off to fast, you want the engine to run smooth and slow, take things easy this can save you a lot of money in a long run.

9- Avoid to have your engine RPM at 3,000 RPM or more, try to have them as low is possible, this mean the engine is running with out taking to much gasoline. Try to keep them as close is possible to 2,000 or less. Of course make sure you are not going below speed limits OK.

10- THE MOST IMPORTANT: Do not speed up, take extra time to get to your destination. Never go over speed limit, when you go to fast your engine is using a lot of gasoline, going for 55MPH to 75 MPH, not only can get you a speed limit ticket (Depending on you country Laws), but reduces your miles per gallon for 1/3 or more, this means if you are in the free way, driving for a full tank of gasoline, going at speeds of 55 MPG you could get up to 350 miles, but if you go at 75 MPH or more the same tank may only give you as low as 225 miles, people only drive and never pay attention, they only complain but never think about what could be causing the problem. No matter what size of engine or type of car, if you apply this steps and make sure to keep them at all the time, you will get a better gas mileage and save a lot of money in a year time, plus the risk of getting in problems is lower.


No matter how old or new, big or small your vehicle is this 10 tips will save you a lot of money, even if you get a new car to get more miles per gallon, you still need to do all this steps, to make sure you are getting the best mileage from your money spend in gasoline.






When you control your miles per gallon and start saving a lot of money, you would have extra money, and you could take your family, kids or friends for fishing and have some great times!



OK, something that I do with my extra money that I save by applying this tips and with my free time is fishing, it helps me to feel better for all the stress with this financial situation, no matter how good you are, but you can not avoid feel bad for a friend, family or just a neighbor going in to very hard financial time now...

Hello guys and girls, Moms and dads and you my dear friend Grand Pa or Grand ma, and why not my friend brothers and uncles, and all of you bringing kids or a teen to a lake or river for fishing for bass.

OK, I have spend so much time fishing and trying all kinds of live bate, plastic, metal you named it, yes some are really good, but you have to be like an exert to used them, but I decide to share this information with you, because for me, no matter how dip, how cold or hot, how calm or not, how windy or not..... the best bait is NIGTH CRAWLER...


And the best way if you are in a boat is drifting or trolling no more then 1 mile per hour speed, and the best rig is using live bait hooks, very small with a line no more the 6 pound test line ....remember to set you drag good, if you do not know what drag is, please find out, that is how you are going to be able to land some monsters with a 6 pound test line.





OK... How to rig it...

1- Small live bait hook at the end, then after 12 to 14 inches put a small split shot it is just enough for the line to go down, set your drag and then cast it, if you are in a boat drifting or trolling, let about minimum of 50 feet of line go and start looking at the pole tip. Do not forget to bait your hook with a nigh crawler, please do not kill the nigh crawler by splitting it or by putting the hook to many times in it, just put the hook just after the head part finish, the head is the bigger and with darker color, just put the hook one time, remember the way of catching the fish is by them putting the whole worm inside their mouth... the less they can feel and see the hook the better...

OK, enjoy your day...

WARNING: You must set you drag, for the unknown.... you will love it, when you are going to see all the catches you are going to get...

WARNING: Make sure you have a net, because you are going to get more then trout with this rig, from cat fish to big black bass, or stripe bass and more... the bigger the worm the bigger the fish...

NOTE: Remember to take a small ice box with some ice cooler container to keep the bait alive and fresh, you want them to move and dance nice for the fish down there OK.

black bass


Enjoy fishing with the family, there is something too that you have to consider, luck has a lot to do... when is your turn to get a big one, you will get it, and the name of the sport is FISHING and not CATCHING.... Please enjoy the moment with the nature and take the opportunity to get rid of all the stress... bring you kids fishing..


I do a lot of fishing because I have a lot of FREE time, what I do for extra income is a home base business and if you would like to take a look of what I do and you may be able to get any ideas, please fee free to check it out...


NOTE: This information is for someone who is not expert, is just a good tip.. For all you experts use your best tricks... since I am not expert but I love eating fish, I used this tip to bring home diner all the time.

Check ideas bellow!!

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